Sunday, May 21, 2017

05.21.17 Beautiful colors out there this morning.....

     Nice colors and light show this morning. Hoping to find some of the bigger fish that seem to work the 3-11 shift. Got down and was on the beach at 445 am. The moon was still in the same frame as first light. Went with a tandem fly set-up in black and quickly started getting small bass. After that I 

went bigger back to the bunker fly thinking bigger bait maybe a bigger bass. I didn't get a touch on the bigger offering but as soon as I went to a Clouser the small fish bite started again. Not wanting

the tiny fish action I left for work a few minutes earlier than I had to. I am hearing reports up and down the coast about the amount of micro to schoolie sized bass that anglers are catching. That is a great sign. I am sure those fish get hammered to by seals, bluefish, sharks, and maybe even bigger bass. Lief found one after I left, like he usually does.

Lief Peterson photo