Thursday, May 4, 2017

05.04.17 Damm, Lief got the one fish I was looking for......

Lief Peterson photo
     I told you there was one good fish on each beach every morning. Today I was there at 5am wanting to catch more of the outgoing tide than at 630. I fished tandem flies in black and then chartreuse/white and blue/white. Not a tap for me, or Richie who was fishing in the neighborhood.
     I decided to hit the river and just as I pulled up Lief texted me a picture.......yep, he got that fish. I think that fish needs an antibiotic for that upper lip thing its got going on, but nice 30" fish nonetheless. The river was dead for me also. Got some intel that the rivers with inlets had big blues like the last few days. Eric Olsen post the below pic of the boats inside the annoying for the guy on the rocks, and how disappointing for the guy who paid the money. Hey, good Captains putting there fares on fish.

Eric Olesen photo