Saturday, May 6, 2017

05.06.17 Damm, Richie got the one fish I was looking for.....

     The other day Leif got it, today Richie, maybe me tomorrow. It was cranking today SSE and there was a ton of water a few hours into the ebb. Hard sweep south to north made fly fishing challenging. Richie couldn't keep his eyes open during the picture, nor keep the fish straight because of the had wind. 

     Today was the Coastal Fly Rodders One Fly Catch and Release Tournament and congrats to Joe Pheiffer for winning this year. I know it wasn't easy because we fished the same waters this morning and came up empty, he must have put his time in as the water subsided and found the fish. Sadly I was able to participate as it was my Mom's 71st birthday so we had a barbecue for her. I hope to make it next year. Great group of guys and a good cause.