Wednesday, May 3, 2017

05.03.17 Back in the salt.....

     Jumped back into work after the One Bug but did get out a few times here and there, and out front and in the back. Can't seem to find that keeper sized fish to get things going. I'm finding all the little ones out front and tons of bait in the back. Yes I found the big blues but I'm looking for the bass.

     This morning I stopped and found acres of bunker happily flipping at first light. I made some casts with a popper before heading out front for a bit where I managed four fish all under 22 inches. I know there's at least one good fish each day to be had, and no one got that today, so maybe there's two

for tomorrow. Interesting about the bunker size in the rivers, its either jumbo, like choke on it jumbo, or just a nice sized batch. With those big bunker the bass will need the gator blues around to chomp them in half to be able to swallow them. I've been exploring a lot this spring staying away from the usual haunts. While it hasn't been productive it has been a learning experience and fun. Lastly,

after a big weekend of eating and drinking I had to see the damage....not bad...8 pounds down....just two pounds back.