Friday, April 28, 2017

04.28.17 Being "Average" is alright by me......

      The Average Angler. The average student. I'm okay with both. I needed a 78 to pass my brutal Pathophysiology class with an 83%, which is passing for the master's level courses. Well, I got a C+, which maybe just puts slightly above average. 
     With that major life stressor over me and T are off to the Upper Delaware for the One Bug. I can't wait. Great cause and a great time. Problem is I had a hard time remembering and locating everything I need to guide up there. I think It all came to me and I'm good to go. 

     I'm sure I'm setting any weight loss records on fire but I started this Dukan Diet last Monday and am down 8 pounds, let see if it sticks through this weekend.