Saturday, April 15, 2017

04.14.17 Nice intro to Newport for the girls....

     Nice three days in Newport and the first time for the girls. I thought it was a violation brining kids to my favorite place but it was nice. Did a lot in two days. Cliff Walk (part of it), three mansion (without the annoying headset tours), dinner at Brick Alley, lunch at Rosemary and Thyme on Spring Street, a "normal" meal at the 99's, and my favorite B&B (well now called an inn) The Marshall Slocum Inn with the great breakfasts each morning.

     No fishing in any way, but while the girls did the Cliff Walk I imagined me squishing my way out to the rocks at Ledge Road and catching nice stripers in bigger water. Then I imagined myself drowning either knocked off the rocks or caught while swimming back. I did make a fishing purchase

while stopping at the West Marine flagship store. I opted for the Tournament Master menhaden fishing oil, I can't wait to wipe that on my flies real soon. Just wait till you see the results later on.

     We ended the trip with a stop at the famous Frank Pepe pizzeria in New Haven Connecticut.