Saturday, April 15, 2017

0415.17 Tried a few spots before settling in.....

     Started at dark in the way back covering the two rivers. Outgoing tide. Bunker numbers are growing. Filleted dead bass on the bottom. Didn't get a touch. I did do a great hook set on an old tin can. Drove around stopping in an several spots along the bay and talked to a few guys. "It's been outgoing" "It's been incoming" "Early" "Late" "Night is best" "It went off Wednesday" "I got no reports last night" "Here" "There" "That spot" "And would you believe there" "Little fish" "Big fish" "Bait" "Plugs" "Cops" "No parking" "Shut down"......Wow! It was a lot of intel from three guys. 

  I wound up at the Dixie Lee for a buttered roll and a coffee and picked up a cake for dinner tonight. I went to the beach and walked. Didn't find any bait in the bay. Lots of guys out but I see a bent rod. It was incoming and should have been good somewhere. I had fun. Going to do the night thing next.