Wednesday, April 5, 2017

04.05.17 Just an update regarding this years guided trips......

     Well after meeting with my academic advisor yesterday I came to realize that any chance I had of returning to guiding on the Upper Delaware this spring and early summer just isn't going to happen. In order to graduate as quick as possible I'll have to take classes year round and that includes taking the early, full and late summer offerings. The psychiatric and mental health nurse practitioner program at Monmouth is challenging enough and adding work and kids and whatever else makes it a little harder. That said, I have started looking into doctorate programs just to add more chaos into my life.

    So it looks like the only chance I'll have of being behind the sticks this year will be at the One Bug at the end of April and during a trip trip up for Theresa and I in May. As much as am in love with striped bass and fly-fishing for them I miss the Upper Delaware and that totally different fishery it is. While I have had a few inquiries about trips for this year if you need me to I can point you in the direction of some friends that guide there that may have some openings to get you on the river for a great day.

     That goes for the Upper Delaware. I will be running saltwater walk and wade and boat trips starting when the fish show and look up. Generally it'll start with the bluefish and then the stripers. Drop me a line or give me a call if you would like to book a trip.