Sunday, April 9, 2017

04.09.17 We aren't the only ones waiting......

     Recently I was surfing the net and found these pictures showing the unfortunate end of these young striped bass lives. But hey can't get too upset its just an example of the food chain. Bluefish love to eat.....all the time. They are notorious for taking a bite out of something and then taking a bite out of something else.

     The below picture shows the remains of some bunker, white perch, and small striped bass that were taken from the stomachs of some big bluefish. We have all seen what a bluefish can do to a bunker pod or bass due to peanuts but imagine what big bluefish could do to a large school of micro or small schoolie sized bass.

     Its going to get into the 80 I hear today. That should really heat up the Raritan Bay and I'm sure those early birds that have their boats wet will be on them, because they are here now. I just hope its not picture after picture after picture of big dead female bass shown with the background blurred out to keep us from knowing where you are fishing.