Thursday, April 20, 2017

04.20.17 Always a good time at Orvis Spring Days on 5th Avenue.....

     I had some stuff to do uptown early this morning so the timing for a 1230 talk at Orvis NYC was great. Had a good turnout of some guys that are really into or really getting into fly fishing the saltwater, especially for striped bass. This time I chose, well sort of, to forego the slide show presentation and just went off of products in the shop relating to saltwater. Always feel at home there and Rob is always welcoming, and a little intrusive. Tonight Ben came down from West Branch Anglers Resort and I am sure the fun, and the drink, was good and lasted into the night. 

     Luckily I had my best sidekick with me. We took the subway from 99th street down to Grand Central. We're both giving the Dukan Diet a go, although today it was tough staying on point. I did choose to stop at the Halal truck and grab a chicken shish-kabob (gross) while Theresa couldn't take it any longer and had a Burger Heaven cheeseburger. She did good, just half a bun and no fries!