Tuesday, April 25, 2017

04.25.17 Gettin' ready to start it up.....

     Picked up the boat from Gateway Marina yesterday and she's all ready to go. I brought her down to Atlantic Highlands Marina an unfortunately the big sailboats are in out winter storage spots so a temporary home would have to do. I am ready to go live with walk and wade and boat trips starting Monday May 1st. Please check out my website www.theaverageangler.com for trip info and rates.

     My last final exam is this Friday. Its a nail biter because 83 % is passing and I am right on the cusp of going either way. It comes down to this last exam, which if you look at the outline, shouldn't be too bad......yeah right! This isn't your Mother's nursing school stuff.....Nurse Practitioner's are practicing medicine and the knowledge that goes with the title is on point. I am sure many of you have seen a NP in the emergency room or at your doctors office. Its the wave of the future.

     I have my grades calculated out and I need a 78 on the final to just squeak by with an 83 to pass. The exam is 75 questions and we are allotted 120 minutes to complete it. It opens at 6am on Friday and as soon as I'm done Theresa and I will be heading to the Upper Delaware for the One Bug! Since I was in school I missed 2015 and 2016 but I am glad to be back. Always a good time and its for a great cause.

     On a side note. Dukan diet one week in....down 6 pounds.