Thursday, April 27, 2017

04.27.17 Orvis Encounter waders....trip 7.....not good

     You know I'm an Orvis guy pretty much through and through. On April 10th (check out my post) I christened a new pair of the Orvis Encounter waders. Since then they may have been wet seven times, and none of them hardcore. This morning I went out and as I waded the back waters I could feel the wetness start at my crotch and work its way down. When I got home my worst fears were confirmed........leaks!!!!! You know I always tell it like it is, the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is just disappointing, even if I just happened to get the fluke bum pair.
     I know, warranty, sent them back, in six to eight weeks I'll get a new pair. But then what? Wait for it to happen again? I want to have confidence in their boot foot waders, but lasting less than 2-1/2 weeks isn't cool. I am going to forward this to the guy in charge of waders and see what kind of response, and confidence, he can give me.

     I started out front just as the light broke through the fog. Incoming. Off color. Looked good. Didn't get a tap. Like as has been, Richie got the lone fish of the day, a keeper, swimming plastics near the bottom. With the test looming tomorrow I decided to keep my day short, but then on my way home I checked out back. 
     The water was on the low side and glass flat. The bunker were flipping. I waded out, started to leak, but then worked the deeper channel. I fish for about an hour before going tight on the trailer fly. Just as I reached to lip it it flipped off. Looked like it could have just been keeper sized. Of course convinced there was another I stayed another hour without a bite. Had a blast though. I snagged so many bunker I lost count. Maybe I should have just let one swim.