Tuesday, July 30, 2013

07.30.13 Schoolies and fluke liked the popper/dropper on a beautiful morning.....


     This morning was perfect popper weather were I was. Easy gently rolling surf with plenty of flat water and a gently W wind to keep the water down and the casts go a little further. Started out of the gate in near darkness and had a fish blow up on the popper on the first few casts. The fish was right on the rocks and I started in the water working from the beach out. As the sun came up it was great to watch the popper/dropper hit the water, travel up and over the wave, and pop in the trough.

     Within a few minutes of daylight I had a pair of small bass take the sand eel dropper. Another fish hit the tandem set up as it hit the water and I wasn't ready to strip strike as I had too much slack in the line. As I fished this I realized it reminded me of a snapper bluefish popper with a plastic tube trailer. The popper gets their attention and they are drawn to the smaller "bait" that trails behind.


     I worked my way down the beach popping as I went and was surprised when a fluke rose from the bottom and hit the trailing fly. After a bit I switched to a chartreuse and white Jiggy and landed two more small fluke that were set up in exactly the same rip just on the outer edge of a sand bar. This is the out-front summer fishing I have been waiting for. Most of my fishing this time of year is done off the rocks as the fish are in the wash and sloughs chasing smaller baits. Before we know it late summer will bring the bait out of the bay and rivers, and the bluefish, bass, and albies will arrive at the start of the fall season.