Thursday, July 25, 2013

07.26.13 Nasty weather is turning the fish on....

     After a great morning with Chris this afternoon I fished with Richie. With good reports of micro to schoolie to just keeper sized bass moving in along the Jersey Shore shore we tried a different spot for the end of the outgoing. At first the N wind seemed to have laid down a bit but by the time we ended it was blowing hard again. Big surf even into dead low tide with big green water breaking over the bow, well, stripping basket.

     Richie had himself perched on the perfect sand mound and had a steady pick of striped bass including the above beauty that put up a great fight in the big water and current. Along with the handful of bass there was a few misses and short strikes and a healthy 16- 3/4 inch fluke to round out a nice  day.