Tuesday, July 16, 2013

07.16.13 People ask what time do we fish in the summer....

     ....... today it was 344 am. With high tide at 104 am and low tide at 716 am this was the time to get out to catch some water around and hopefully fish too. I wouldn't call it a blow out tide, but the west winds and the outgoing tide made for skinny water fishing on the beach and notched groins. 


     The town I fished this morning is one where groins were notched during a beach nourishment project years ago. With the water on the move and low getting out to and up on the rocks was easy. It looked promising as the rips along the rocks looked like a place a bass would strap on a bib and getting ready to eat. I jumped on three without a bump and finished up walking the beach walking out to the edge of the sand bar and fished the sloughs, cuts. and bowls. 
     I was hoping to find birds diving and picking in the shallows but there wasn't any. The water was flat and I couldn't find any bait or swirls to go along with it. 

Depending on the tide, a 4 am start has you back in your car around 8 and ready to start the day before the beachgoers and lifeguards mob the beach.