Monday, July 15, 2013

07.15.13 First light low water fishing....

     Hit the rocks a little after 5 am before the 618 am low tide. Stayed with popping off the front of the groin before switching over to a Clouser. Went stealthy with a new fly line that I am trying out. It's made by Monic Fly Lines,,  and it's a clear floating line that I first broke out in Costa Rica. Normally I run with intermediate and sinking lines but when I'm using a popper, or fishing skinny water, I like a clear floating line.
     Without a bump off the rocks I found some good current off the beach and managed three short fluke in near succession. Besides a pretty morning and getting some fishing in before the start of this weeks heat wave, I saw birds diving on sand eels on top of the sand bars. Since the water was low and the waves non-exitent I moved to the edge of the bar to see if there was a bass trolling for breakfast.
     I was back in the office by 8 o'clock, which is one reason why summer salt fly fishing works so well. Early up, early out, with plenty of day left for work and dad duty for and with the kids.