Saturday, July 13, 2013

07.13.13 Working the popper off the front....

     Low tide was at 5 am this morning and I got down to the rocks as the water started to move. The heavy rainfall we had last night changed a few things from yesterday. Off color water still flowed from the creeks and drains along the beach into the ocean and the incredible amount of debris, shells, seas glass, and shells were absent this morning covered by the sand that flowed back down to the water.
     Low water is a great time to scout your favorite haunt, and looking at the above image can illustrate why striped bass like to lie in wait amongst the rock fields that are usually covered by water in front of the groins. Pluggers and spin fisherman have it a little easier than the fly rodder. With their skill, and high tech rods and fishing lines available to them, coupled with heavy but balanced lures, gives them the ability to throw a country mile.
    For the fly rodder working the front or south or north sides can present many challenges. Say you can cast all of your 105 foot fly line our front. First, looking above, where will that put your fly? Second, the more line you have out means more line your have to manage.
    A popper, like I used this morning, can help eliminate snags, coupled with a floating fly line, but that combo only helps. As much as you'd like to fish certain spots it's just not possible. You have to fish within yourself and the limitations of the conditions presented. Today I chose a to fish from 12 to three o'clock (12 being straight out to 3 being on the south side.)
     Timing the incoming waves is essential is preventing your fly and line from being carried into the rocks in front of and along the sides of the groin. At low water everything that calls the rocks home and is sharp is exposed and waiting to grab and chaff and or cut your fly line.
     There is nothing more exciting than watching stripers blow up on poppers worked through the white  water, especially when there isn't much visually going on on top. Although I had no takers this morning just being out alone and working up a good sweat for a few hours was a load of fun.