Wednesday, July 24, 2013

07.24.13 Nice first light fly rod schoolie bass...

     I met Tom earlier this year when I did a presentation at the Coastal Fly Rodders in Bergen County. As I wrapped up he came over to me and said he would call me sometime to fish. It is something I, or anyone who presents, hear time and time again, and it's always nice when it happens.
     Tom and I met just after 430 am and quickly set up and took a nice long walk to what I hoped would be a good spot. Just as we arrived Tom realized that I had forgot the stripping basket. So we got to take another long walk and back again. We were two hours into the flood tide and the water was big. Instead of starting with a popper we went to work with a Clouser and Tom did a great job battling the waves crashing into his basket and chest. He stayed with it and after a dozen or so casts he went tight with a nice bass. It's always nice to hear early in a trip, " Okay, I can go home now."

     We stayed on the beach for a while longer talking tides and beach structure and conditions along the shore pre and post Sandy. As the water moved up and in we decided to give the rocks a go.

     Tom had recently bought a pair of Korkers with the interchangeable soles and had spikes on the bottoms that could stop a train. The W wind worked great for the southpaw and we were able to cover the south sides of the groins with ease as long as we timed the waves that broke at our feet. We went one for two on the bass from rocks watching a larger fish come unbuttoned on the crest of a wave.
     As the sun came up other anglers came out as did the surfers in force. We had caught the best time of the tide and day to fish and enjoyed a beautiful and cool July morning. I am sure Tom and I will fish again in the future and may get out in the boat for a trip in the fall. Like Tom said as we parted ways a little after 8 am, "Not a bad way to start the day."