Tuesday, March 26, 2013

03.26.13 A long day over many miles but worth it

     Left my house at 730am and got home at 10pm. Traveled 268 mile between Asbury Park, Pottstown, Seaside Heights, and back to Ocean. Had the pleasure of spending the day with Jim and Laura Matson of BrineFly Innovations, the makers of the Pulse Disc. After being with Jim, aka "The Professor", for half and hour my brain was seized. As with other great innovators in the sport of fly fishing Jim has put countless hours at the drawing board, the vice, the tank, the shop, and on the water coming up with original creations or expanding on the innovations of others. The amount of materials that he bleaches, blends, and flies that Jim ties is staggering. He ties, he tests, he tweaks, then he starts over again. So if my brain was done after 30 minutes, imagine what it was like after 6 hours. I called my buddy on the way back to Jersey and he asked what I learned,  all I could say was, "Honestly I don't remember." Jim will be launching a new website soon with more info and on-line ordering for his Pulse Disc.

     Leaving Pottstown, I took the wrong way and landed up in the "City of Brotherly Love". It wasn't a bad move since I jumped on Route 70 and then Route 37 taking me into Seaside Heights for a night of tying at the Atlantic Saltwater Flyrodders "Tie for Pie" night. Before I hit Klees I stopped over at Casino Pier and made some images of the Jet Star roller coaster that fell into the ocean during Sandy.

     "Tie for Pie" was a great night as some members of the club tied up a variety of flies while they had a few cocktails and slices of pizza. It was nice to watch Bob Popovics coach a junior tyer at his first tying night at the club.