Monday, March 4, 2013

03.04.13 Out and about so I checked on the Belmar Marina

     I have been getting some calls and emails about conditions both out back, at the marinas, and out front. So today I took a ride down to the Belmar Marina to see how things were shaping up. The head boats are in as are a select fleet of private boats. It looks like most of the pilings have been replaced or wrapped. Over at the municipal ramp the floating dock which was washed away after Sandy and made for interesting launching is back afixed to the proper pilings. I was looking to talk to someone in the office about ramp access and fees but the building is being rehabbed so no one was home.

Soon enough the scramble and chaos will start. If you lost your boat or won't be up and running  give me a call to book a trip 732.261.7291. I'll be running the rivers and Raritan Bay as soon as things heat up through April 18th, then I'm up to the Upper Delaware for drift boat trips for wild brown and rainbow trout on the best trout fishery on the East Coast.