Friday, March 8, 2013

03.08.13 Sick of the winter weather?

     I know, spring can't come fast enough. Actually I think this snow and rain were getting can only be good for our lakes, rivers, and streams. What we can do without are the brutal nor'easters that continue to batter our Sandy damaged coast.

     Pretty soon, actually sooner than we think, the sun will be beating down and warming up our favorite waters were stripers and trout will start to emerge from their cold water doldrums. Bait will start moving and bugs emerging and drift boats and power boats alike will make their way back into the water. As much as I want those mud flats and sod banks to start absorbing the suns warming rays, I can't wait for my first drift trip down the Upper Delaware as sluggish Quill Gordons pause just a little to long before taking flight.

     Tomorrow I will be at the Orvis Marlton store as they hold their annual "Spring Fling". I will be presenting at 12 o'clock so if it hasn't warmed up to much (50 and 60's are coming) then take a ride over to Marlton. The nice thing is you can bring your significant other as their are plenty of shops and places to eat in the "mall" that the store is located in, and up and down Route 73.

Just a note - the store is located on the west side of Route 73, not the east side. It's a long story I am told. You can look at the store's website HERE

If you live in those parts or need help with your fly fishing needs stop in and see the newer fly fishing manager Andrew Hamilton. Cast an H2 or try on the new Silver Sonic waders or pick up a Guide Pack for your upcoming season.