Wednesday, March 20, 2013

03.20.13 While bored out of my mind at jury duty I went through my iPhone

     Today I did my civic duty and reported for jury duty. Hundreds of us sat all morning talking and reading and texting and emailing, and, me, going through the hundreds of images that were in my iPhone. As I scrolled through, one stood out at me, especially since I can't wait for what's in the image to show up in our back bays and rivers.
     Several months ago while in New York City giving a presentation at Orvis NYC I stopped over at the Grand Central Terminal Market. It's a full service market, with the best and the freshest, meats, produce, fish, and cheese you could find anywhere under one roof. Since I always like to look at the fish, I stood there staring and then wondering at "Whitebait". The description read- "Sautee with butter, white wine, caper, lemon juice, salt and pepper for a nice treat." YUK!!! What I was looking at was  spearing and banded killifish......I just couldn't imagine it. The best part is it was going for 8.99 a pound.  

     Last summer I had my girls out with the American Littoral Society netting the back of the Shark River to see what kind of life was around. We found well, lots of Whitebait. I am seeing a possible export business for me and the kids here if I don't stay busy enough with the charter trips! Here's a sample of the catch from last year.