Monday, March 25, 2013

03.25.13 I haven't pick up an issue of Nat Geo in years

     This morning I walked into my Father-In-Laws house and saw the current issue of National Geographic still in it's clear plastic mail wrap. With the way the print industry has gone down the toilet I was surprised they still printed it. On the cover was a picture that caught my attention and the word "FRACKING" peaked it.
     Inside was a great photo essay and story on the current fracking industry out west and in particularly in North Dakota. The amount of drilling and wells out there is ridiculous. If you fish the Catskill Rivers, or the smaller ones on the Pennsylvania side, you should pick up a copy or go to your local library and read it. I know it's a divisive topic, but after reading this it was a little easier for me to see some of the negatives caused by it.