Saturday, March 9, 2013

03.09.13 Great afternoon at Orvis Marlton

     Had a great afternoon at the Orvis Marlton store for their 'Spring Fling" day. I presented 'Fly Fishing the Jersey Shore"to a great group of current and future saltwater fly fishers. In addition they had reps from the local TU and the South Jersey Coastal Fly anglers who set up vices and tied a myriad of patterns. Also from the NJ State Council of TU was Rich Thomas who also set up a vice and tied. Before and after the presentation anglers browsed the latest goods and were able to cast the new H2 with fly fishing manager Andy Hamilton. 

If you ever are bored and need a road trip, or your significant other needs a shopping day, hit this stretch of Route 73. Every big and fancy store has a company store in this large outside mall, or one just like it up and down a 10 mile stretch of the highway.

Stay tuned as I will be working with Andy running a trip to IBSP some time in early June.