Thursday, March 21, 2013

03.21.13 Found some warm water, but no takers on the fly

     With the air temps in the mid 30's and snow starting to fall I figured no better time then to head to the back waters and try to tempt up a striper or two. The outgoing tide had the water ripping from right to left and it helped move my Deceiver beautifully in the current. I fished for about an hour snaking my backcasts between the trees and bush along the deep cut banks. A few other anglers came out too, and one scored a 15" striper on a bloodworm, and another had his clam stolen a few times.
     I stuck the water and found it, warm to the touch, and 52 degrees. I can't wait for the rest of the backwaters and bays to heat up a bit. A few good stretches of warm water and hopefully the action will start heating up in the northern part of the Jersey Shore.