Wednesday, December 26, 2012

12.26.12 "Baby, it's cold outside......."


     If you were out this morning then you might have had the same song in your head as I did. One of my favorite songs around the holidays is the 1949 song, "Baby it's Cold Outside" sung by Johnny Mercer and Margaret Whiting.

     It was 34 degrees out with a NE wind from 20-25 that reddened up the cheeks and made the hands a tad cold. I'd be lying to say that I gave it my all and lasted more than a half an hour. What is interesting is where are we with this years fall run. Last year the fall run lasted into February and March depending who you talk too.
    Right now we have water temps hovering around 48 degrees with the primary bait, that I have last saw, as herring and bunker. There was rain bait a few weeks back but I haven't see it as of late. Yesterday smaller bass were found eager to hit the fly, and we've had some great days this mid-December with bigger bass, mostly found while out on the boat. Today will be the start of winters first punch to our area. According to to the Weather Channel the next 10 days will have temps above the freezing mark. We'll see what the water temps and bait and bass do as the New Year rings in.