Saturday, December 1, 2012

12.01.12 Thanks to all who helped our "Friend in Need"

     Shortly after Hurricane Sandy I reached out to our friend to see how he and his family fared after the storm. The news was not good for him and so many more of his neighbors on the Sandy Hook and Raritan Bays. I felt sad as I listened and after hanging up knew I wanted to do something to help.
     Our friend was there for us for years, always doing more for us than his job called for. It was either a little extra time with flies, gear, locations or techniques. Most times it was probably just putting up with us as we "hung out" at the shop and bothered him while he tried to work. To this day I get asked a few times a week "Hey' how's ......... doing". A few days after our conversation I asked for some help from the Jersey Shore fly fishing community and you responded in a most speedy and generous way.
     Today I delivered your envelope full of "good cheer" and it was received with the utmost surprise and thanks. Speechless would be a good word to describe it.

So many people from around the Shore, tri-state area, USA, and the World have found a way to help someone after the storm. From helping their neighbors, friends, own families, even strangers the best of us has shined through a dark and cloudy time.

I am very proud that the local fly fishing community came together to help one of ours- it just shows that our passion of this sport is more than being about catching fish.