Saturday, December 22, 2012

12.22.12 Found an oldie but a goodie...

     Soon the West Branch Anglers resort is celebrating 20 years in business. I discovered the WBA the same time I found the Upper Delaware. The memories early on are too many to name but I do remember a few things. Eating breakfast down by the river where they had the barbecues- (breakfasts made to order), Jim Serio working there, and Larry's Hotline- which I called 1,000's of times. And, of course, the cabins being located on the river. As I sit here, I can also remember the first few years when the trailers were still located where the executive cabins up to the River Run restaurant is now.
    Anyway, they are having a photo contest and I submitted this picture of me and my boy from 1997, his first visit to the WBA. If you are on Facebook, and would like to enter a photo, or would like to vote for mine, go to the WBA Facebook page, HERE.