Tuesday, December 4, 2012

12.04.12 A little more on the "tagged" fish we caught yesterday

     Just a little more on our tagged striped bass that Al caught on the fly yesterday. The tag belongs to the American Littoral Society based in Highlands, NJ. After I got home I cleaned off the tag which was numbered 796536. I reached out to Jeff Dement who runs the tagging program for the ALS and he was able to track down some cool info on our 25 inch 5 year old striped bass. 
     Our bass was caught and tagged September 11, 2010 in Long Island Sound in Northport, NY by long time ALS tagger Art Schweithelm. At the time the bass was 18 inches and was three years old. The angler who caught it yesterday Al Walker, is a long time ALS tagger himself who has had 7 recaptures himself from the early 90's through 2004. Now I have to fill out the tag return form and send it back to the ALS. 

If you would like to join the American Littoral Society or would like to read on what to do if you catch a tagged fish then you can go their site HERE.