Sunday, October 28, 2012

10.28.12 No bass on the beach...but did find Al Roker


     So if you fished the above groin yesterday while the bass and blues had the peanuts locked into the pockets, then you hit it on the right day. This morning the early effects of an approaching full moon, hurricane and cold front were evident. I tried to throw the fly for about 10 minutes (all by myself) but quickly realized it was for naught. I did find Al Roker on the beach in Asbury Park along with the Weather Channel crew. I got to say hello and after I did I don't know why I even did.

Things will be shut down for a looks like the winds will be with us deep into next weekend even after Sandy passes us.

I think this is going to be WORSE then any of us could imagine. Way worse then Irene of last year, but not Katrina-like in any way.

Best of luck to you and yours during this difficult week.