Sunday, October 14, 2012

10.14.12 Good to get back out today after a busy "real life" week

     It felt good this morning to get back out on the rocks. Fished with Rich who broke out his new 9ft 9wt Orvis Clearwater rod on a difficult, but great learning, day to fish. Incoming tide, new moon, S wind, littoral current, scant bait, and tightlipped or absent fish.

     We've had a busy week here at home and thanks to the many that offered condolences and concern for my family and I. Last Sunday my Mother in Law passed away and yesterday was her service. On Wednesday I had sinus surgery at Mt. Sinai in Manhattan where I had a little post-op hypertensive crisis followed by some hemorrhaging that had me, and my family, shaken to say the least. But that it all past and after a great sendoff to my Mother In Law yesterday this morning I returned to fishing, probably against my doctors advice.
     It was a beautiful sunrise in the chilly morning air, air that seemed to travel into my ears and down some canals into my sinuses that still are raw. I was able to get some pics of Rich as he worked his fly along the groin. One micro bass of 12 inches was all that came to hand today and I think the saying, "Wind from the south, fish shut their mouths" rang true. It looked like we might have that wind for a day or so so we'll see how that affects the surf fishing.