Monday, October 15, 2012

10.15.12 Lousy wind in the morning...lousy sign in the afternoon

     I knew the blowing S wind would leave conditions less than good but I got out to give it a go. I found these three flags on my way down near the inlet where I thought it might be better. Caught the incoming, and just at a perfect time as the current was flowing around a cut groin located in the middle of the beach. I had find that perfect spot where I could cast, mend, high stick and retrieve hoping to stick my fly in the water column just long enough for a strike. I worked at it pretty hard for few dozen over-the-opposite-shoulder-casts and drifts, but to no avail. I came back north and found some anglers working pockets, with one guy getting a short on a bucktail practically at his feet.
     I went back down in the late afternoon to find the S-SW wind having churned up things and dirtied up the water pretty good. As I made my way down to the groin I spotted the DEP access sign and to the left of it a private sign hung on a fence. The signs have been there for a while, but today I just happen to look a little closer at them. "Beach and Bulkhead- Private Property" it read. With the latest ruling on beach access I wonder how many "private" signs will pop up attempting to scare fisherman and beachgoers from accessing the beach and water.
     Recently the DEP has signed the Public Access Rule for beaches, bays and tidal waters. It gives the 231 affected municipalities the power to come up with their own Public Access Plan for their individual town. The ruling goes into effect November 5th.

You can read the DEP press release HERE