Monday, October 1, 2012

10.01.12 Just a tease from Montauk...

Photo- Captain Jason Dapra- BlitzBound Charters

     I am sure that if you surf the internet you have seen tons of pictures from action up at Montauk. Tonight my friend and guide Captain Jason Dapra from BlitzBound Charters sent me an image he made from today.

     Just think how hard you have been working trying to get a bass to bite. Either throwing Snake Flies in the wash or small epoxies into the rain fish that have been sprinkling the groin pockets. Yes, if you've been putting your time in you've seen a fish or two, but imagine being on the beach or rocks at first light and seeing the above coming towards your position. Truly a sight to see, but, would you spit the bit on the first cast?