Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10.24.12 Nice NE wind and stripers on the fly to 15 pounds

     Well after hearing some good stuff from the surf yesterday I hit it early and was out front in the dark. I can't believe sunrise is around 7 am nut luckily Daylight Savings Time goes into effect November 4th. Got to a spot and watched and waited as the beach guys came, casted, and left. I finished my coffee and  danish while I motored around looking for fish. Soon the birds got up on top of some big gator blues that were on peanut bunker. Got one to the boat, and two others bit through my favorite bass flies. 
     I put on a wire leader on one rod and went heavy on the 12 weight in order to get a nice Leon Piasecki fly down to where the bass were marking in 35 feet of water. It's chuck-and-duck casting but boy did they eat as that fly was stripped right past their noses. Three bass to 15 pounds, maybe better, and dropped an easy 30 pounder after a good fight. Hope this stays up, and the fish spread out a little and keep making appearances just off the beaches.