Monday, October 1, 2012

10.01.12 Found birds up close....and performed a stargazer rescue

     Another pretty fall Jersey Shore morning. End of the incoming was dead on the several block stretch of beach covered by fly and spin anglers. Mullet appear scarce, and the rain bait seems to thrive in the wash, along the rocks and in the pockets. Saw lots of bird activity way off the beach.
     Made a quick run a few towns up and found birds 200 feet off the beach and on the move. As I walked the sand I came across an angler who pointed out his mornings catch. It was a hefty stargazer he caught on a Bomber. He had no interest in touching it, but did want to see it returned to the water. I snapped a few pics with my rod to show the size, and then loaded it into my stripping basket before releasing it back into the surf.

There's bass around, got some reports of schoolies on the bite this morning, it just depends on what beach you drop your fly at.