Monday, October 8, 2012

10.08.12 A death in the family.....and some time spent watching the water

Elaine (Ticola) Reich 1937-2012
     The past three weeks have been difficult for our family. My Mother-In-Law took ill quickly and was hospitalized and yesterday she passed away with her family at her bedside. During the past weeks I had continued to fish, thinking in my heart of hearts that she would recover. 
     Today I took a drive down and sat on a bluff over looking the ocean. It was a crisp, but beautiful morning. I watched as the waves rolled in and baitfish moved along the beach heading south. And not once did they appear nervous, nor a big fish blow up on them. And then I started to wonder. Has our fall run started?

     We have bait......we had some bass two weeks ago, then more recently there was a night bite a few towns up from where I normally fish, and then we had albies. In the mix was some bonita, and some blues, mostly small snapper, tailor, or cocktails, but every now and then a gator would surprise. 
     I have been to Montauk this fall, a week or two earlier then the bass, but we had albies up and down. The albies are still around, well, they're still at Breezy Point, at least they were.
     Right now we have some cold weather which is getting everyone in their fall migration modes.....but remember.....last year started really good at IBSP in November, the late second week, and didn't "arrive" for us till mid to late December. 
     I was out on Sunday cruising looking for birds, bait, or heads....and only found tough mid sized predator fish. There were plenty of boats out, mostly fishing low and slow for porgies or sea bass.  
     I hope we get a good steady blow, a good Nor'Easter , now that would get the fish moving and the bait all churned up in surf.....and then I think our fall migration will begin. I just hope the fish don't by-pass the New York Bight and show up along the beaches down south.