Saturday, November 19, 2011

11.19.11 Fish up and down the Shore...and hard core angler of the day

     First let me tell you about the above angler. I was fishing at the end of a long 9 mile line of guys between the piers and this guy walks down to the water and walks in and just keeps on going. He fished for about 10 minutes like that and then walked out and moved on. That's some cold weather gear he has on! 

Well the fish are here. Talked with guys from Sea Bright down to IBSP. The boat guys are having a blast and getting their fill chasing birds, bait and bass. I fished down south here yesterday and just missed the bite and came back for more today and the bite wasn't here. Had birds in the wash before first light and then moved off quickly. They would come and go and the occasional fish would blow up. Seemed like every boat coming out of the Manasquan Inlet would either motor through or stop on the fish. When the birds got close the boats would motor over to them and the guys on the beach would take a walk over. Saw one boat hook up and two shorts caught between the piers. Hit the Wawa on the way out and a guy who fished IBSP Area 7 said he and his buddy caught 15 at first light from 16-28 inches. 

Up north the fish were in and out by 8 o'clock with bass a blues in the mix. Enjoy it while it lasts!