Saturday, November 12, 2011

11.12.11 Bunker galore in the morning...snapped a Helios at night

     Got a call from my buddy Rich early telling me that there was bunker everywhere this morning even pushed up into the beaches and rocks. Not peanuts, but big bunker around a foot long. He managed a nice fish on Ava out in front of the rocks. I took a ride down to 8th Ave and found that pod just off Loch Arbor. There were predator fish in the mix, most likely bog blues since some were caught off Asbury Park. 


Today was a busy day, no clients and lots of other work stuff to do. I decided to head out later, catching the  end of the incoming. I first stopped at Ocean Grove and walked out past the Fletcher Lake outflow sandbar. I made two casts and on the second retrieve I felt something wasn't right, when I got it in, the tip was snapped off. Off to Orvis again. I am thankful how Orvis stands by their product and the guarantee they offer on their rods. Now it'll be an Access for a few days.