Friday, November 11, 2011

11.10.11 Started at the Fulton Fish Market and ended at the Further show at MSG

     Started my day at midnight on assignment at the New Fulton Fish Market at Hunts Point, Da' Bronx. I had been to the original in lower Manhattan but this was my first time here. Really cool to see all the super fresh fish from all over the world. That took up most of my night and day. 

Further at MSG, November 10, 2011

     I finished up November 10th at the Further show at Madison Square Garden. At 415 in the afternoon I decided I was going so I found some tickets on Craigslist and jumped on a northbound train. I got in and got my ticket and got to my seat just as the lights went out. Great opening, good first set, some great second set songs that kind of where up and down. Below is the set list for the night.