Wednesday, November 2, 2011

11.02.11 Working on a "Jetty Net" to help clients land stripers on the rocks

     For those of you who love or make a living fishing the beaches and rocks along the Jersey Shore you know how difficult it is to land big, and small, fish, while on the jetties and groins. I am currently field testing a beta version of a "Jetty Net" that I am developing. Rather than using a scoop type net to net the fish, my system creates a cradle where fish can be guided onto the large netting and lifted or slide up onto the rocks. I started by contacted Noreseman Outdoors, HERE, and spoke with the company about what I was looking to build. I ordered the StowMaster SS116Y which has a length of 116" ( 9-1/2 feet) and a hoop diameter of 36" by 38" inches. I removed the standard rubber dipped net and replaced it with 5/16 nylon/poly rope that was weaved throughout. The net folds in half and has a retractable handle.

If you see me carrying it out to the rocks I will surely be asking you land your fish to see how it works.

How many fish have you lost trying to land on the rocks?

How many times have you cut a leader/ tippet/ fly line while trying to land a fish on the rocks?

How many times have you "guided" a fish up a wave or the rocks only to have the fishes true weight snap your fly rod?

How many times have you almost broke your ass trying to make your way back to the beach to land your fish?

How many guys have you asked to move back while you make your way down to the beach end of the jetty?

And, how many times have you put your fly rod down, climbed down the rocks, busting your ass, and then having your fly line find the mussels and barnacles on the underside of the rocks anyway?

Those have all happened to me and that is why I am developing this product.

Let me know what you think.