Tuesday, November 8, 2011

11.08.11 Finally, birds, bait, bass and blitzes off the beach this morning.

     Took an early ride down to Ortley to check on things there, glad I did. It was nice to see lots of birds, bait, bass and blow ups on the flat ocean just as the sun came up. The fish were just out of reach on the outer slope of the bar. Guys throwing metal hooked a couple of shorts. I worked the was out to 70 feet without a bump. Lots of cars on the beach and tons of guys lining the sand. 

We watched as the armada of boats passed us heading south full steam ahead. The fish are here, the boat guys are killing them, and the beach and rock anglers now can play the "put your time in game" with a better chance now of getting into some fish. 

The Dauntless ready to head out