Wednesday, November 8, 2017

11.08.17 Disappointing......

     I finished up at clinical with a noon luncheon sponsored by the antipsychotic Artistada and didn't have to be in Red Bank to meet my son Sean for a bite until to the beach it was. I changed from my suit into my fishing garb and caught the outgoing. Wish it was as clean as it was yesterday but it was off color.....not Yoo-Hoo but getting there. We need a wind change and a tide or two to clean it up.

     Fished the rocks and the beach before making a move to a spot. It was the kind iOS spot when you knew it was coming, the fish that it, and not if, but when. On every retrieve I waited to go tight. I had the perfect tide, the perfect amount of water, although a bit off color, and a dampened wind. All I needed was some bass, and more importantly some bait.....

Well, neither came, but I had fun for a few hours. Gonna get cold this weekend....get ready.

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