Thursday, May 11, 2017

05.11.17 A little work after work......

     Went in to work at 4am so I was able to get out a bit early. Had the incoming tide and found four fish that were slightly bigger than the usual, for me, take. I of course was looking for their larger cousin but that didn't happen. What I did see today was bunker out front and lots of boats far out. The fish have started to move and this may be the true first push. I watched off in the distance but didn't see anything blow up. That means lots of boats and the infamous snag and drop fishery will be in effect. That's 10/0 treble hooks, with barbs, snagging bunker and letting it sink and get eaten. There are some responsible anglers that take the time to reel it in and relook on a circle hook, but that's not the norm. Pictures of whole bunker down a huge striped bass's gullet and the treble hook lodged in the esophagus are coming. Beware.

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