Monday, September 1, 2014

09.01.14 Love the end of the groins in the fall.....

     Well, today is Labor Day!!!! You know what that means to us Jersey Shore folks???....we get our lives back. Back is Ocean Ave without a ton of traffic, buses stopping every 50 feet to pick up and drop off kids from summer camp, beaches pretty much empty again, and a free in and out at Sandy Hook.

    This morning we had near perfect conditions out front on the end of the outgoing and start of the incoming. Worked the beach hard and then moved to the en of the groin tossing Kinky Muddler's out about the hickory shad looking for a lurking striper. My fishing partner today lost a keeper striper that flipped off at the rocks so it was not only just fishy looking but fishy as well.

     I love fishing the groin tips, down near the water level, taking an occasional wave, sweating where my fly line will wind up with each cast and wave, and then wondering how and where I will land a fish that takes the fly. It's even more fun on the a rouge wave every now and then will soak you or push you off the rock you are precariously balancing on. Now that's fun.