Monday, September 15, 2014

09.15.14 FALL IS HERE !!!!

     Yep, its that time. Opening the door at 415 and getting met with high 40's air temps has it feeling like fall. Couple that with the arrival of the mid-September bait migration and signs of predator fish moving in makes for great early mornings. And you can't forget the sunrises .
     This morning on the outgoing bait passed by unbothered. Rainbait and mullet where easy to spot, either the tiniest of baits getting sprayed by small blues, and the larger bait leaving their telltale "V" wakes as they swam. I looked for a tail slap or swirl but only had one fish, I assume it was a cocktail bluefish, take a bite on my popper.

So, things are setting up nicely here in New Jersey, and I am off to Montauk tomorrow night. I am sure I won't regret it once I arrive at "The End".