Wednesday, September 17, 2014

09.17.14 Mother Montauk very kind to this Jersey boy on day one......


     Had Charlie with me out today on a gorgeous day. Slow morning, a little windy, but the afternoon was great and the albies were up and hungry. I couldn't have asked for a better introduction to Montauk than today. 
     Started out leaving the the Jersey Shore around 4 and that put me in in the area by 8 am. Stopped by to see my sister at her job in East Hampton which was a pleasant surprise. My room at Snug Harbor Motel was still occupied so we readied our gear and put the boat in the water and off we went. 
     We started out, well, I started out driving around looking for life. Some birds, some albies blowing up here and there. Up and down....super quick. We got bit off by a bluefish as the tide went slack and then on the flip it got better. We had one shot when the albies were going good and that resulted in a double header. After that it was lots of quick shots with a total of five albies landed for the day. It was nice to have the albies each each one of the fly patterns I tied up the other night. (cont)

     I will be calling Snug Harbor Motel my home for the next 11 days.  It seems to be perfect for what I need. Beds for some friends and clients, a little kitchen, a balcony overlooking the lake....and a quick hop-skip to the West Lake where I am sure I'll end up each night.
     I will be solo Friday and Saturday, so if you have wanted to or have and want to return, give me a call (732.261.7291) to discuss. I have good lodging and if today is any indication the fishing is great.