Thursday, September 25, 2014

09.25.14 Angry ocean and one "angry fish".....

     Couldn't wait to get back to fishing the beach and rocks. I was hoping to get out before the blow started but I didn't. NE winds honking at 25-35 pretty much the whole time I fished which was 230-530 am.
     When I first got out it was manageable, but the problem was I couldn't find any water. Coming off the new moon the low tide was real low and there wasn't much for fish holding spots around. I took a ride inside but I was too early for slack so I went back out front. The flood tide was in hour two and there was a lot more water around.
     I was throwing a black Snake Fly and went tight after a pretty good cast along the rocks. It turned out to be a stargazer, aka an "angry fish". This blow will be around a few days and when its over hopefully it will only take a tide or two to clear up. And, more hoping, the mullet will still be around.