Sunday, August 31, 2014

08.31.14 Puttin' clients on the fish......


.....some days the job of a guide is difficult.....demanding clients looking to catch fish after fish their way all was one of those days. Just kidding. You know you're having a great time as a guide when you lose track of time and have a great day even if the biggest fish to hand, was, well, and 8 inch snapper bluefish. But, hey size doesn't matter!
     Had Victoria and John out for a fun first light outing looking to pick up a striped bass inside along with some bluefish. I'd have to say we did a yeomans job but couldn't find em' today. We fished outgoing, slack, incoming, here, there, drifted, anchored, popped it, chugged it, Clousers, Decievers, single hand retrieve. two hand retrieve, just about everything but the below method.

     That said it was just a fun day. At one point John and I realized we were ducking for cover when Victoria got up to made for a good laugh, in the end it was John that put a fly in V's jacket arm.
     After finding the snappers "blitzing" on bait up top and the boat traffic on the river starting to build we called it a day. Victoria wants to learn how to fly fish off the beach and rocks....I told her she has no idea what that means as the obsession will quickly take over her being.