Friday, August 29, 2014

08.24-28.14 Great week at the Bill Canfield Kids Fly Fishing Camp.....

     It was another great week at Camp Weequahic in Lakewood, PA. This was the third year of the Bill Canfield Kids Fly Fishing Camp. Joe D, Charlie "Bunky" Limpert, Dave Canfield, and myself spent 5 days with local youths from the Hancock area introducing them to fly casting, tying and fishing. Like year one this was a sleep away camp and the boys were under the watchful eye of camp counselors at night and during activities like Ga-ga-ball, campfires, gymnastics, swimming and movie night. 
     We start the camps off with an introduction of Dave Canfield. Bill's dad, whom this camp is in memory off. Then the boys receive their Orvis 8'6" 4 wt outfits and the fun begins! Rigging, knots, and then it was into casting where the boys picked it up rather quickly. 

     One of the most anticipated classes during the camp is the fly tying. The boys could have tied all day everyday. It was fun to see them tie one day, and then go and fish, and then try and tie the patterns that worked before fishing the next day. We tied a "variery" of flies, but most seem to get a bite, or a look.

          We then moved to the docks and the banks where the sunnies were very cooperative eating flys that the boys tied. Bunky couldn't resist getting in on the action and the boys had a laugh as I poked fun on Charlie's big smile in getting a sunny to bite on a fly under the dock. It was nice having cooperative fish for the boys to see and cast to.

     The lat two days we backed down the drift boats and took the boys out on the lake. It was here where the boys really got to get a good shot at some bass that were along the edges and lilly pads. Since the boys mostly spin fish for bass they knew what was up so it was easy just guiding them on their cast, presentation, and retrieves. I think my sport Wyatt landed the biggest bass....well maybe we just got the best picture of one. In the end it was just great to catch a lot of fish....the pic below is great!

     We are thinking of opening the camp up to parent/kids. Three days/two nights....same location...may include a half day float trip on the Delaware. We're kicking it around. If you are looking for a nice long weekend with you and your youth fly fisher, or aspiring fly fisher, drop me a line so we can see what kind of interest that camp would generate.