Saturday, August 30, 2014

08.30.14 Beautiful morning out on the beach.....

     Yesterday I didn't get to write a post about my return to the beach. I did hit it yesterday and managed to squeak a nice feisty 20" striper from some bigger surf.
     This morning I hoped to repeat yesterdays success, but had no takers. Got to the water just as light arrived and as the tide started to flood. Water was clean, but warmer than yesterday, which may explain the lack of a bite. I would say fall is here. the air temps were in the mid 50's and it just felt like the season is starting to change. After this weekend the summer crowds will be gone and "we" will have our Jersey Shore back.
     Tomorrow I have a boat trip and look forward to hunting for some bluefish and stripers in the back waters with one of my favorite clients.